I'm Maria Paula, But tell me Paulitz or how you want (: I don't like say my age D: Whatever...
I Live in Venezuelan (Really I don't like this country.) D:

I love THE MUSIC,Tokio Hotel,cars,sport,colors,Mode,Shoes,Glasses,abstract, pictures,electronic,screamo,graffic,tecnology, energy,glasses,CLOTHES,art,Things Striking,Party,Drink,ROCK,Boys,Animals(TIGERSORLIONS),

I want to live in Australia it's my dream.Meet To Tokio Hotel.leave of this country.achieve everything that I propose seek. have 18 years old. Job.Money.Have a CARS.Much Clothes.Home.Do MUCH music.live from music and for music.PIERCINGS,TATTOOS.

I'm freaky.Psychopath.Egocentric.Bipolar.Cute.

I hate.Insects.False.Hypocritical.Without Personality.Without Originality.Selfishness.Animal Abuse.Abuse.Venezuela.

I hope do tattoos for all my body!

If your not going to talk with me, don't add me! (:


Jul 27, 2009
@ 12:39 am
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*_* My Glasses! (::

*_* My Glasses! (::